Kids On Air Kids On Airは世界で生き抜くための力を身につける
インターナショナル プリスクール&アフタースクールです



Kids On Air was founded upon the desire to provide a true international education to children living in Japan. Our program’s goal is not only to focus on English education but also to provide a program that allows children to recognize diversity and reflect upon its value through cultural experiences. Our program focuses on creating a pathway to world citizenship. A true world citizen is sensitive to other cultures, respects and values diversity, and is able to carry their individual spirit and character with them anywhere in the world. We strive to offer a dynamic environment where each student can shine as their own true world citizen. Through learning about different countries, cultures, and values from all over the world, students at KOA can develop the confidence to express themselves wherever their travels may take them.


We offer a variety of services so that your children can attend Kids On Air easily and with peace of mind for families.

Our services are convenient for both children and their parents. Services include a dedicated shuttle bus service for Kids On Air and an online journal that lets you know what's happening in class on a daily basis.



Each month, we focus on exploring a different country and culture in its entirety. These projects are led and planned by teachers from that country or region and involve a variety of authentic projects that children cannot experience or learn about through reading or the internet. The projects are designed to be experienced from a child’s perspective in a way that invites them to participate and be engaged. This provides a diverse and multidisciplinary environment that expands each child’s potential and allows them to learn naturally through having fun.


Each day, we provide a set time in our daily schedule where staff are available to help students with their homework. Whether homework comes from their regular schooling or extracurricular programs, our staff is available to support children so they can enjoy and make the most of homework time. With homework out of the way, students are able to focus 100% on their exciting daily projects and activities!


What transportation options are available to Kids On Air?
You can use our transportation service or come to Kids On Air on your own. Once your child arrives at Kids On Air and when they leave, we will send you a notification.
What kind of transpiration services do you offer?
We will pick you up at elementary school (or some spots) by Kids On Air school bus or on foot and drop you off at your home or nearby.
What kind of route will you take?
We will decide the route after receiving your request.
Are all classes in English?
All projects, lessons, and conversations with the teacher are in English.
I am a native English speaker; what kind of English lessons can you give me?
We offer lessons tailored to each level of English, from beginners to native speakers. In the advanced class, children do research, make presentations, and take on project leadership roles.
What if I only want to attend cooking projects? What day should I attend?
We carry out a variety of projects on different days of the week; this way, every child can experience a variety of projects.
What happens during long school holidays, such as summer vacation?
We hold seasonal school programs. Seasonal school starts at 9:00 a.m., and students can join Kids On Air until 7:00 p.m. We will also provide transportation during this period.
Can I bring my homework with me?
There will be time for homework before English lessons or after projects. You can bring homework from school or assignments from home, whether they're in Japanese or English.
宿What kind of schools do Kids On Air students attend?
Children come from a variety of schools, including public, private, and international schools.
Can children aged 4 or 5 attend Kids On Air?
We have a preschool program called Kids On Air Preschool. We also have a weekend international class called ``Junior,'' created for children who attend kindergarten or nursery school on weekdays. Children attending preschool and Junior will be given priority slots in elementary school class so that they can continue their international education with Kids On Air.


JUNIOR is all year weekend international program

Weekend international classes designed for children who attend kindergarten or nursery school on weekdays. The program is divided up to suit the educational needs of each age group. In addition to our fun Kids On Air cultural program, we also offer phonics and language development.

Time: Every Saturday 9:00 ~ 10:45~ (90 minutes each session)

In order to ensure that children can continue on with learning at Kids On Air, Junior members will be given priority to join the elementary-age program. Even after graduating from Junior, we will continue to support your child's growth at Kids On Air.




1. Attend an information session.
(We will explain the daily schedule, curriculum, contents of the program, transportation services, etc.)
2. Application. Please apply as early as possible. (Space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.)
3. Start class at Kids On Air!